Capacitor Meter

Alignimals Capacitance Analyzer MEC-100
Alignimals Capacitance Analyzer MEC-100


JINGYAN MEC100 V1 Auto-ranging capacitor ESR, Low Ohm and Capacitance Meter Measuring ESR range from 0.00 to 470.0R,Capacitance range 0.0uF to 470,000uF
(470mF)* Not support IN CIRCUIT Testing.
Using constant current charging to calculate the capacitance and ESR.
Q=CV, I=Q/t
We have 4 range of charging current from 100uA to 50mA, by counting the time for charging a capacitor to 0.55V we can get the capacitance value.
Calculate the ESR, we will capture ESR during capacitor still not charging up, R=V/I.

Price:$ 59.00