Capacitor Meter

Alignimals High Precision Capacitance Meter M6013
Alignimals High Precision Capacitance Meter M6013

1) The larger measurement range, a wide range of measuring 0.01 PF to 470mf ;

2) 128 x64 dot matrix LCD display, can display five digits;

3) Fast measurement speed, high accuracy can reach 1%, read 2200 uf need only 0.2 seconds;

4) Reading more stable (automatic moving average function, can be more stable, and accuracy of reading pF capacity);

5) Can use 2 AA batteries, not 9 v.

6) you can use the MIRCO USB external power supply.


M6013 capacitance meter is intelligent, stable, high reliable and 5 digits display capacitance meter, Suitable for LABS, factories, radio enthusiasts, and family use.

Price:$ 49.00