Case Show

Case Show

Hardware parts processing industry

Applied to all kinds of precision hardware parts processing, aluminum fixture

Specially developed for factory customers, the professional model is equipped with high precision, long service life of the machine, intelligent handwheel, and smooth operation.


Electronic chip repair industry

It is used for chip copying, polishing, mainboard
maintenance, etc

Built-in sensor, the motherboard uneven play;Automatic tool setting to reduce errors;Depth detection function, higher reliability;Hd camera can observe the grinding situation in real time.


Handicraft industry

Used in ceramic relief, wood carving, 3D
character carving

Small floor area, simple operation, high safety performance.


Jewelry and jade processing industry

Used in beeswax relief jade pendant, back grain beads, amber products, ring lettering, etc

Imported screw guide rail, higher precision;Integrated operation, complete function, more convenient to use;