Capacitor Meter

Alignimals DXL180
Alignimals DXL180

1) High precision ± 0.1 °, high resolution 0.05 °.

2) 128x64 dot matrix backlight LCD display screen, supporting 5-digits display.

3) Dual Measurement range: 0-90 ° and 0-180 °.

4) Angle, slope, inches, and mm/M units can be switched to display with just one click.

5) The V-groove design of the shell can be easily placed on corners and round pipes.

6) There are 4 strong magnets on the bottom surface.

7) Simulated electronic bubble.

8) Dust+Water IP42 Resistant.

9) 360 ° automatic flip reading.

10) Triple energy-saving design of the instrument extends battery life.


DXL180 is widely used in woodworking cutting, mechanical manufacturing, decoration design, photography hobbies, product testing and other applications.


Price:$ 59.00